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Roller blinds day and night in aluminium. New design in your house. Wide range of colours. Please call to book a free consultation for measurements and pricing now!

Please watch a video of the day and night roller blinds in a cassette with guides.

Free hanging roller blinds

Functional and aesthetic solution to every interior. They  look great, have modern design  also outstanding durability, finally shades interior to make comfort space for you. We are  offering a wide range of blinds in numerous variants to choose from. Wide range of available fabrics, dimensions and systems enables matching the blind to every type of windows.

Roller blinds Day – Night

These roller blinds are made from double fabric with transparent and opaque stripes, when the overlay of the stripes is regulated, it is possible to increase or decrease the luminous flux that gets into the room.

Pleated blind fabrics

Designed to fit standard, tilt and turn windows – fitted on the glass or alternatively outside window recess. Made to the highest quality standards by European experts.Our Pleated Blinds allow you to cover window entirely or any part of the window glass – all in one product! Fantastic choice of fabrics, designs, profiles and models – the most comprehensive range on the market. Pleated blinds are easy to fit also it is really simple to take care of, in the same time the  system shall be reliable and secure.

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How to adjust and order the roller shutter day in the cassette?

1. Prepare measure tape, piece of paper and pen or pencil.
2. Take the measurement of glass height with the measuring tape (see 1st picture below, example A=58,2cm select in auction Up to 160 cm).
Please write down the measurement or remember it .
3. Take the measurement of the glass width with measuring tape (see 2nd picture below, example B=62,3cm select in auction 60 to 70 cm).
Please write down the measurement or remember it .
4. Choose the colour of the cassette roller blinds with side channels. (golden oak, walnut or mahagony)
5. Decide the side of the sidewinder control panel.
Usually it is placed on the opposite side of the door or window handle.
6. Choose design and colour of fabric you would like (see attachment above)
Please remember to write an email to us with your measurements. Those details allow us to proceed your order.